Residential Mortgages

Your home is probably the biggest asset you may purchase throughout your life and when it comes to funding the purchase, most kiwis’ borrow to do so. 

At Finesse Finance we can arrange mortgage finance for you.  We will tailor a facility for you whether this is fixed or floating or a mixture of fixed and floating.  We have the experience to show you how you can pay off your mortgage quickly which will save you money and build equity in your property quickly.

Is your Fixed Term your mortgage coming up for renewal?  If it is give us a call and we can run through all the options for you.  We have the experience to put a package together that could save you of thousands of dollars over the term of your mortgage. 

Just Contact Us or give us a call on 0800 to borrow  i.e. 0800 86 267769. 


Revolving Credit

We have a wide selection of revolving credit facilities available from many Financiers and with our experience with Revolving Credit facilities we can show you how you can save considerable amounts on interest through the term of your loan and repay your mortgage off quickly.

Just Contact Us or give us a call on 0800 to borrow  i.e. 0800 86 267769.

Building Loans

Home construction can be a daunted proposition and making sure you have the appropriate finance for that building project can be a time consuming thing.  At Finesse Finance we have experience in funding for home construction and we work with the financiers on your behalf to get the right finance for you to make sure the build goes accordingly.

Some banks work differently for home construction, we’ll find the appropriate one for you and your build project, all you’ll have to do is work out what you’re going to put in that new home.

Just Contact Us or give us a call on 0800 to borrow  i.e. 0800 86 267769.